So you want me to sketch?

How to order:

Send an email to Add high-resolution photo (1200px and more / it is recommended to send the close-up image) and enter a brief description of what you want to be in your artwork.

The photo can be a portrait, a landscape, a pet or any other thing of your discretion.

The default size of the drawing will be making up to A4 format for portrait that will cost you INR 3500. If you are looking for a slightly bigger version, then an A3 size (420x297mm) sketch would cost you INR 5000. Or, If your option is to purchase an already drawn artwork from my gallery, mention the name of the artwork in your message.

Important Note:

  • Let me know your choice of medium for the artwork - you can choose between a realistic hand made pencil sketch or a beautiful painting filled with colors for your artwork. The artwork will be delivered to you within 4 days (usually) from the date of your order.
  • Disclaimer: Based on the specification and choice of your order the above described cost may commensurate with the size of the sketch.

Contact Information

Artist : Prabhu Gsp
Phone : +91 8971214863
Email :
Location : Bangalore
Country : India

Other Artist Recommendation:
Phone : +91 9448803049